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Camping out in the middle of no where. It was a awesome night for stars. It was just amazing. I slept with the tent open. Last night I noticed I didn’t have a exit date on my visa. So I cycled 2km back to the border to get it clarified. They said it was fine and I was on my way. 10Km on sealed road in to Futaleufu.

PATAGONIA CHILE 1 2018-01-16 003

Explored for a few hours. Then cycled on. Dirt road. Very good condition. Very scenic passing rivers and lakes Camped high above river beside road.

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START 8:00 FINISH 16:00 (17/01/18)


Just after midnight……..a vehicle pulled up close to me. The occupants got out then went and interfered with the excavator that was parked up across the road from me. They had no clue I was there. I was tempted to get out and shine my torch at them, to give them a fright. I thought better of it. I could here them hitting something with a hammer. I think they were trying to get to Diesel cap off so they could steal the gas.

PATAGONIA CHILE 1 2018-01-17 004

I let them get on with it and fell back to sleep. It was a very misty cloudy morning as I cycled on following the river. My first stop was to walk across a old suspension bridge over the Real Futaleufu. The river was running fast. I stopped in Puerto Ramiez for a $3 coffee……… luxury for the day. I was now only 30km from Villa Santa Luica and started think a lot about what had happened there.

It was slow going on the dirt road…….the scenery kept me occupied. Passed by a nice lake before a steep climb up to Villa Santa Lucia. 2Km from town I came across a dumping site. Where they had brought the first lot of mud they had cleared from the village….. Then 1km further down the road I stopped and visited the cemetery.

PATAGONIA CHILE 1 2018-01-17 063

I walked up to it and it gave you a good view of the land slide and its path of destruction. In the cemetery was the sad site of some of the fresh graves of a few of the victims of the landslide of Dec 16th.

As you cycle towards town. The road suddenly comes to a halt. As it is blocked by the landslide. There is then a diversion and you have to turn off on to a makeshift road that goes around the town. You can see first had the destruction of destroyed houses and cars.

PATAGONIA CHILE 1 2018-01-17 073

After the diversion….I joined the Carertera Austral at km269 for the first time. It was a nice surprise to find it sealed and as I headed south I enjoyed a tail wind. The valley was flanked with mountains and the road followed the river. It was very misty and damp. So I was keen to find a place to camp. In the end I stopped at 4pm and found a spot under some bushes. I was quite well camouflaged as well as shelter. I was able to cook in here as well. I had a friendly visitor in the way of a small bird who was very interested in me. He stayed a well and was even back in the morning.

DAY 1051 KM96 R7 – LA JUNTA +23KM

START 8:45 FINISH 17:00 (18/01/18)


There was a lot of road works……..eventually this whole road will be sealed. Nice new sealed roads are good to cycle on. It was patchy. With the road swapping back and forth from sealed to dirt. It’s very green around here with natural forests and lots of lush pastures with cattle and sheep. I stopped for lunch in La Junta for coffee and cake.