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START 12:45 FINISH 16:45 06/10/17


It’s 4 months to the day. Since I stopped cycling to wait out the winter. It wasn’t a early start to the day. Helen saw me off just before 1pm. It really felt like I was starting over again. The buke felt so heavy when I started to push it. When I sat on the seat it felt as hard as nails. As I started to cycle away. The bike felt very forign. I was even a bit wobble for the first 140 meters. Having not turned the wheal for 4 months. I really droped myself in it. To get out of Valparaiso I had a long and steap 9km climb. At first it didn;t feel to bad. I actually thought I was going to be pushing my way up. Towards the top I was having to stop a lot of times to rest and not to mention I was feeling pretty exhoursted. I still had 5km more to cycle to meet up with Helen at the services.

When I arrived. I was feeling pretty much done for the day. I still had another 18km to cycle. Surprisingly I knocked that off in 40 mihs dispite been so tired. We left the highway 68 just before Casablanca and too a loverly country road till we got to some friends of Helens who have a bit of a farm.

CENTRAL CHILE 23 2017-10-06 012

They make honey as well they have a lot of Olives trees. They said we could camp for the night anywhere on there property, We chose to camp near a fire pit and close to the honey shop which had some outdoor seating we could use.

CENTRAL CHILE 23 2017-10-06 032

When I got off the bike. My legs were as stiff as.

DAY 948,949&950 REST DAYS

Woke up to fog and rain. So it was very easy for me to get Helen to take me back to Valpo for a few more days.


START 10:15 FINISH 17:45 10/10/17


Helen dropped me back off this morning at the farm where I had left my bike. We had a few cups of coffee with Liz and her family before I finnaly set off. Liz friend Juan invited me for lunch with his family in Algarrobo, 30km away on the coast. So I hads a incentive to get moving. It was a loverly ride on a small country road. When I got to the coast I was in for a shock becouse it was built up with Condos and apartments everywhere.

SOUTHERN CHILE 1 2017-10-10 007

I managed to make it for lunch on time. It was a nice afternoon.The family all spoke good English,They have German routes and have all traveled a lot. I explained Roast chicken, with rice and salad was not my normal cycling lunch, nor the icecream for desert. Not to mention the few beers before lunch. I passed on the wine………..or I wouldn’t be going anywhere in the afternoon.

I got lots of friendly toots today as I was cycling. Which was nice. Along the way I passed another of Publo Nurdo’s houses.

SOUTHERN CHILE 1 2017-10-10 024

Stopped for the photo. When I got to El tombo I asked at the Bomberos to stay the night and was refused. So I cycled on. Finding somewhere on the side of the road was proving difficult. I eventually found a spot in the grounds of a closed discotec. I was able to be well hiden even tho I was close to the road. Free camping is forbiden along the coast. My new motto is you can camp anywhere………as long as nobody knows your there.


START 7:45 FINISH 18:455 11/10/17


It was frezzing cold last night and there was even a little frost in the morning. My hands were so cold when I was packing up. I didn’t wait for breakfest and just cycled on to Carthangu about 10km away where I found a nice sunny spot out side the church where I could sit down and cook some breakfest.

I liked Carthenga I was a nice old seaside town. Not to modern yet. It had a old railway station on top of the hill which I visited.

SOUTHERN CHILE 1 2017-10-11 017

After Carthanga t was a really nice ride alo ng the coast into san Antonio. I stopped at the tourist office and Robinson and the gang were really helpful. They spoke good english. If your passing……pay them a visit Tourism office Barros Luco 104

SOUTHERN CHILE 1 2017-10-11 032

They wanted me to spend the day in San Antonio…….I just had a look at a few things before I left………like the old steam crane and a bit of the port. I was mobbed by a school class from Santargo. I stopped for a late lunch…..I had a couple of Emparnardas and a drink. When I went to pay. They only charge me 1000 I said there was a mistake……..and they insisted there wasn’t The owner had kindly given me a discount.

SOUTHERN CHILE 1 2017-10-11 058

It didn’t take long before I saw my first snake. Think it was alive………..just sun bathing on the hard sholder. I saw another one the next day as well………..this one was dead. I was passing a house when more then 20 dogs came out to bark at me. We had a bit of a stand off. Before I was able to get away.

I made good progress in the afternoon. When it came time to find somwhere to sleep. It was again proving difficult. First I asked at a shop……was turned away. At the next town. Was turned away again by a local. He did recommend the football field. On the way I stopped at the evegalical church and the lasdy turned me away. The football field field proved a good place to stop. The womens team were mowing the lawns and let me into the changing rooms for a cold shower. Afterwards I asked if I could camp and they rang and let the police know it was ok for me to stay and so I wouldn’t get kicked out. Just when I was setting up my tent. A car pulled up I guy got out and marched quickly over to me. I thought here we go…….someone has come to kick me out. It was the police capitan Hector coming to invite me over to the police station for a hot drink and a hot shower if I wanted. I said I would come over in the morning. After a long day cycling. I was tired.


START 9:00 FINISH 18:40 (12/10/17)


This morning the Cabanaros invited me to have breakfest with them. They warned me of the aproching climb. Well fed I headed off.

SOUTHERN CHILE 1 2017-10-12 005

Only got 5km and I came across a huge dam and beautiful lake. I stopped here for half an hour to enjoy the view.

SOUTHERN CHILE 1 2017-10-12 012

It turned out to be a good climb. Passed through some forest. Lots of it had been destored by last years forest fires. With the forests there are now logging trucks on the road. Not so many. Not so big which is good. When I cycled across the dam. The security guy came out and stopped me. To give me a map of the area……..anywhere else it would be to stop taking photos. I asked if many cyclists passed this way and he said no……..which is good to hear.


There was lots more climbing today. I passed a windfarm and I saw another snake on the road. I stopped for lunch in litueche. It was a fairly big town. Today was a good sunny warm cyclng day. With the light evenings I am able to cycle a little longer each day. When it comes to camping each night you have to take your chances, with fences on both sides of the road. Spots are limited. I was able to find a small bit that was unfenced. I snuck in aand camped about 100m from the road. I was well hidden. Could here the traffic.


START 8:00 FINISH 10:30 (13/10/17)


This morning I finished off the long climb I had started the evening before. Just as I got to the top I got puncher number 45………which slowed us a little. Then it was a good run into Pichilemu.

SOUTHERN CHLE 2 2017-10-13 024


This place is a heaving surfing beach town in summer, Lucky for me the rush hasn’t started yet. My first stop was the old railway station. No trans since the 80’s Now a tourist office. Here the lady kindly found me a good, very simple room in a hostel for 6000 ($10) had wifi and hot showers. So after settling in I went for a short walk along the beach,

SOUTHERN CHLE 2 2017-10-13 011

They now have a new wooded brod walk, to walk along. Which was nice. They have build a flying fox on the beach. Shame becouse it’s a bit of a eyesore. After the beach I walked through the town. Deffintlty pretty touristy. Not to expensive. Full of amusment acardes. I stopped for the obligatry coffee and cake. The towns park was very well kept and had some nice water features.

SOUTHERN CHLE 2 2017-10-13 027



START 9:30 FINISH 15:55 (14/10/17)


The alarm clock went off at 5am when the towns siren went off and shortly after the Bomberos went off to a emergency. I thought about staying another night in Pichilemu. I eventually got moving. Traffic was a lot lighter on the road south Of Pichilemu. It was a awesome sunny cycling day along the coast on a very nice country road. Passing lots of farmland, Lifestyle blocks and forests. I stopped for morning teas in Cahuil. After crossing the river, there was some climbing. Gave us good views of the oceon on one side and since it was such a clear day the snowey andies to the east. I past through Bucalemu and La Vildiva.

SOUTHERN CHLE 2 2017-10-14 029

At La Vildiva there were salt pounds and a small salt making enterprise. I climbed high up above the salt pounds and camped in a small clearing in the woods. I had a great view of the salt ponds and the andies.

SOUTHERN CHLE 2 2017-10-14 040

I was well hidden………..tho I think someone might have seen me when I was brushing my teeth. A car passed and then started to reverse. I ducked down and it left. I must have been close to houses becouse in the night I could hear barking dogs and rosters crowing.


START 9:15 FINISH 17:55 (15/10/17)




SOUTHERN CHLE 2 2017-10-15 070

I dropped down this morning to llico only to start climbing back up. It gave me great views of the lakes. After 30km I reached Lipimavida and I was back on the coast.Back to a sealed road, that was also nice and flat. Again for a few km the coast was well built up with a mixture of old batches and luxuary holiday homes. I passed some cool wood sculpers. Then when I got a bit ruel I passed a guy with a old school plough and some really nice coastal wetlands as well. .

fog cloudy llico lakes dirt road climb nice views Lipimavida on coast back to seal many holiday homes flat and easy nice wood art. Back to rual nice wetlands old school plough.

SOUTHERN CHLE 2 2017-10-15 068


START 7:30 FINISH 10:30 (16/10/17)


Last night and early this morning people came to visit the statue. Nobody knew I was so close. I got up early and started cycling, skiping breakfest. There was light drizzile. So not the nicest of cycling day. At least it was only a short cycling day. I managed to get to Constitucion in good time and check straight into a nice hostel. I am getting soft. Before coming to the hostel I did a little cycle south along the coast to see the big rocks.

SOUTHERN CHLE 2 2017-10-16 016


Constitucion is a working town and not your usually tourist stop off……….tho I can see they are trying to change this.



START 9:00 FINISH 18:00 (17/10/18)


This part of Chile is really built on forestry. This morning I pasted many, many saw mills and many, many logging trucks passed me. After leaving Constitucion I was only away from the coast for 20km before I was back following it again.

SOUTHERN CHILE 3 2017-10-18 001

The coast is full of old batches and holiday homes…… is still pretty wild. When I reached Chanco. I refused by the bomberos. Im starting to lose my faith in what was once the trusted bomberos. I cycled on another 20km to Curanpe and the locals told me to just go and camp down by the beach. So I did………..and it was fine. I was pretty tired…………so the stove never came out and I settled for a sanwiched instead.

SOUTHERN CHILE 3 2017-10-19 003


START 8:30 FINISH 18:30 (19/10/17)


I’m really enjoying cycling along the coast. One miniute it is rugged and the next you are passing deserted sandy beaches. Today it seamed to be slow going with all the ups and downs. I was getting pretty smashed by the wind. I still havent seen a tractor.

SOUTHERN CHILE 3 2017-10-20 026

Instead many farmers in the fields with there working cows and a plough. After Cobquecura………..the coast road turned to dirt and you got the sense things were a lot more wild and remote. I found a nice place to camp in a dip of the sand dunes, just off the side of the road.


START 8:00 FINISH 18:30 (20/10/17)


As I passed through Colmuyau. I stopped and had a look at the local cemertry. The cemerty was full. The town itself was very small. Not long after I had cycled out of Colmuyau. I was pushing my bike up the hill when A local farmer was sadling up his cows in readness to plough his field.

SOUTHERN CHILE 3 2017-10-20 017

He invited me in for a drink. I thought I was going to get a cup of tea. Instead he got out a big carafe of wine and filled my mug. He then added some sort of grain and sugar to my mug. It was deffintly something different. He said it would give me energy to get up the hills. The coast road ended at the mouth of a very large river. It was then very flat cycling along the river back inland, back to the sealed road and lots of traffic. Got to Coelemu, first really big town for a few days. Was looking for coffee and internet. I met a family who had lived in New York and spoke good English. They gave me a cold drink from there shop and then took me round to there office to use the wifi. There family owns and runs the bus station. I left Coelemu around 4pm. I was keen to get a bit closer to Conception. The last couple of hours of cycling was tough going. It was very up and down. I was pretty tired. I kept trying to look for a reasonable place to camp. Lt was proving difficult. I tried behind the cutting on the old road. It was just fill of rubbish. Eventual I found a logging road and took that a few hounded meters off the road and camped out of sight in the remains of a burnt out forest. It created a unicque effect when the sun went down.

SOUTHERN CHILE 3 2017-10-20 066



START 8:30 FINISH 14:30 (21/10/17)


This morning I just wanted to get into Conception as quick as I could. I Have some friends of Danielo, Helens brother to stay with for a few days. The highway became a autopista so I had to take the secondary route in to Conception along the coast.

SOUTHERN CHILE 3 2017-10-21 006

Tome was the first costal town I reached and was about 30km from Conception. The costal route didn’t turn out to be a flat route. Conception is a spread out city of 300 000 people. Was a strange sight seeing a donky and cart parked up outside the massive hardware store.

SOUTHERN CHILE 3 2017-10-21 025

As I was crossing the city……dealing with all the traffic was tiring. I stopped at the servo for a break. A guy soon aproched me and we had a bit of a chat. I asked him if he could call Osca for me to cheek it was still ok to stay. Him and his girlfrien Fran came and picked me up straight away and took us back to Oscars family home. His family were so welcoming. Very soon I had showed, was eatting and had my washing on. After lunch we went to the mall. Shopping for a present for Oscars cousin Nickalious 25th Birthday that were all going to later that evening. I was kindly invited. The Birthday party was really just a family affair with a nice meal and a lot of home made wine



Oscar and Fran were going to show us around Conception today. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling very well. Had to spend most of the day in bed. Oscar and his family have been really good at looking after me and said it was no problem to stay a extra day to recover.

I ended up staying a lot longer with Oscar and his family. After 3 days there was no improvement, so they took me to the hospital. They pretty quickly worked out my stomach complaint was due to bad water I had drank out on the country. The family was so good to me. By Friday I was much better and I was going to leave. Oscar very kindly gave me a tour of Concepcion. We cheeked out down town and the University and some historical parks. In the afternoon we drove out of Concepcion and over to a small piniculiar owned by the army. At the end of it is a small fishing village. Very popular with tourists and locals. With only one small road in and out. It would be a real nightmare to come to in summer. Most of the village and fishing boats were destroyed by the tsunami of 2010.

SOUTHERN CHILE 4 2017-10-27 071

This evening Oscar and his family took me to another party. This time it was his other cousins Birthday. It was all familys…………so it was at a kids venue…………where the kids had every toy imagible to play with. Keep them busy. Afterwards the adults had Karaoke. I couldn’t believe the party went on till 4am. Apart from 1 beer………I had a alcohol free night. I really have to start cycling tomorrow.



START 16:00 FNSH 17:30 (28/10/17)


I was starting to feel I was never going to leave. After breakfast the rain had eased and I was getting ready to leave…………then I was invited to stay for lunch and then invited to go to another Birthday party for a uncle out in the country. I stayed for lunch. Declined the party. I finally started cycling about 4pm. I didn’t have to cycle to far. I had a warm showers host in the next town who had been waiting for me since Wednesday. I kept postponing because I was sick. Gabriel’s house proved a little hard to find. After talking to a local for directions. She called Gabriel and he came around the corner to meet me. After a cup of tea Gabriel and his girl friend took us on a nice 45 min walk to a nearby lake. We had a little picnic there. It started to rain on the way back was pretty cold as well. As I have come south I have noticed how much more colder it is.


START 12:00 FINISH 18:00 (29/10/17)


It rained pretty hard in the night, Seams like it is starting to rain everyday. When I looked out the window at 7:30am it looked pretty bleak. Like yesterday it cleared by lunch time. Gabriel is going to take his dog on his next cycling trip. He had just brought a new buggy for the dog. Gabriel was trying out the buggy for the first time and cycled with me for the first 10km out of town.

SOUTHERN CHILE 5 2017-10-29 005

While we were cycling down hill at about 25kmh the crazy dog jumped out because it was scared. Poor thing. Gave us all a fright. It was ok. Just south of Coronal is the monument for the centre of Chile, at least length wise. Stopped for the photo. This is were I said good bye to Gabriel.

The 160 is a good fast highway. Despite the late start I made really good progress in the afternoon. Too good really because before knew it I hades cycled in to a pretty big town and my camping options were limited. I reluctantly went to a hostel. I was able to negotiate the price down from 15000 to 9000. I did try to get them to let me camp. They were really nice in the hostel. They asked me if I wanted a hot drink………..I said yes please. They then asked if was hungry and I couldn’t lie. Next minute a really yummy Asparaguses soup arrived, a salad , bread and some rice and chicken soon followed, They gave me breakfast in the morning as well. Curanilahue must be a bit of a mining town. I passed a big coal yard on the way into town and a few mining monuments.


START 11:00 FINISH 19:45 (30/10/17)


It was late morning before the rain finally cleared and I was able to get back on the road. I’m on a bit of a time schedule. I have just 13 days to get to the border and out of Chile before my current visa expires. I have a min of 34km to do each day and the next daily target is 50km and any more is a bonus. I don’t want to cut it to fine. The main highway sadly came to a end at Tress Pines and went to single lane with a rough shoulder. Tress Pines was another mining town.

SOUTHERN CHILE 5 2017-10-30 001

In the middle of the round about on the edge of town was a mock mine. The next town on route was Canete. I stopped at the fruiter and was asking for directions. They gave me some bananas to take with me.

SOUTHERN CHILE 5 2017-10-30 009


I then called into the tourist. They had just opened for the season and I was there first gringo. They kindly made me a cup of coffee. I told them I wanted to camp. Trouble the municipal campground was 8km out of town and it was closed. They tried to find me a place to stay by putting a post on there Facebook page. I then decided I would just go to a hostel. It was getting late. Hostel was fully book. So on the spire of the moment I left town and made a rush to the lake. There was a lot of moisture around. It was a real urgency to find a camping spot.

SOUTHERN CHILE 5 2017-10-31 001

Eventually I was happy to just go to a camp ground and pay. They were all closed. I saw a path and followed it to a open field. That was good enough for me to put the tent up. There were some houses about 300 meters away. It was to late to cook and the rain arrived. So I had to settle for peanut butter sandwiches.


START 7:45 FINISH 13:00 (31/10/17)


The ground was rough and I had a bad sleep. There was not to much rain in the night , which was good. Around 7am some kids passed on way to school………I could here them talking and I could tell they were surprised to see the tent. It was nice that it wasn’t raining this morning.


SOUTHERN CHILE 5 2017-10-31 008

No time to be wasted. I Left early. It was a very pleasant 15km ride beside the lake. There is more natural forest and bush. Which made a nice change from the usually pine forests. There was a nice Cycle lane into Contulma. I could tell it would be a busy tourist town in summer. I stopped in the Plaza and cooked up a nice breakfast.

SOUTHERN CHILE 5 2017-10-31 016

Many locals stopped to talk to me. A good breakfast was well needed. After Contulma I was into mountains and climbing and climbing. Light rain started falling and it was cold. So when I got to Puren I was pretty keen to remain dry for the rest of the day. I stopped at a café near the plaza. For a hot drink and a empanada. I told the owner of the café I was looking for somewhere to sleep. You never know where your going to end up. The lady from next door called into the café and after a bit of a chat I asked jokingly if I could camp in here back yard.

SOUTHERN CHILE 5 2017-10-31 020

Next minute she was showing me a empty room at the back of what turned out to be a cloths shop. I said perfect. I set my self up on the flour and for the rest of the afternoon watched a movie from the comfort of my warm sleeping bag while listing to the rain.


START 8:00 FINISH 12:45 (01/11/17)


It wasn’t raining when I woke up. So it was a rush to get going. When I went to leave. I got a shock to find the front door dead locked. This was just not what I needed. A 2 hour wait for the lady to arrive…………would be along wait. Lucky it was double doors because with a bit of force I was able to pry them open. I was relived to see day light and the street. I closed the doors behind me. Because of the rain I had seen none of the town yesterday. So I went for a quick lap of the plaza before heading out of town. Today is a holiday and the main road out of town was closed as they were setting up for a big market. I took the back road to Traiguen. It was very up and down. Proved to be very scenic rolling country side.

SOUTHERN CHILE 6 2017-11-05 011

There were large grape seed fields. The bright yellow added some nice colour. This part of Chile is very ruel. Most of the people living here are the indigenous Mapuchu. Who are very poor. At present the area is a conflict zone between the Mapuchu and the government. I have had no problems and have felt pretty safe. When I reached Lamarco it was 9:30 in the morning. There was a group of men gathered on a corner. One seamed a little drunk and was very keen to talk to me. After a quick chat I was able to get away.

SOUTHERN CHILE 6 2017-11-03 005

I made really good time getting to Traiguen. Just as well, because soon after I arrived with my warm shower host Katie and Camilo and there family. It started to rain very very hard. 

SOUTHERN CHILE 5 2017-11-01 040

 Hospiltality is unbelievible. I was given breakfest as soon as I arrived and a hour later I was sitting down for lunch. After lunch and once the rain had eased Camilo and Katy took us out for a nice walk around town and a little bit along the river.


Good day for a rest day. I spent a lot of it relaxing while listing to the rain. There were lots of it. When Katy got back from work. Her and Camilo took us to a querkie museum.

SOUTHERN CHILE 6 2017-11-02 017

A local guy has been collecting antiques for years. He had a house full of old radios, byicles, motorbikes, tools, and lots of other old stuff. The owner use to be a Olympic walker for Chile. Now reyired he mountian bikes instead.


START 9:00 FINISH 14:45 (03/11/17)


Yay…..a rain free day. I had a good straighht 30km run to the Panamerica highway (High way 5) I by passed Victoria. It was easy to get on to the highway. This the first time I have been on the 5. The main road through the centre of Chile. Trafic here wizzies past you at a 120km hour. Thats no problem becouse there is a nice wide sholder. With a good surface I was soon humming along. 50Km later I arrived in Pillanlelbun. Just before was a memorial for a bus crash that killed 42 people in 1987.

SOUTHERN CHILE 6 2017-11-05 006

I am starting to make the most of

Warmshowers with another host tonight. Carla,Juan and there young children Olivia and miguel have a loverly house on a semi ruel property not far from Temuco.


This morning I helped Juan

mow lawns until the rain started to come. We then went into Temuco for a quick look.


START 10:00 FINISH 17:40 (05/11/17)


After having breakfest with Juan and the family, I was on my way. It was a very bleak morning. No rain. Which was good. The other day I asked Juan about a burnt out building next to the High way. He told me there was conflict with the Marpuche and they were targeting the government and big companys. I jumped back on the 5 Highway and with a good surface made good progress. In the afternoon the sun came out. I turned off the 5 on to a much smaller road that was full of life style block after life style block So much that as it came to the end of the day I ended up camping liturly right next to the side of the road on what was a very rare piece of grass. It drew the attition of some dogs from a local house close bye. Who paid me a visit.


START 6:45 FINISH 11:30 (06/11/17)


The day started with a very nice sunrise. There was some cloud. I got very good views of the Volcano.

SOUTHERN CHILE 6 2017-11-06 008

Villirrica is stuning. It is a active Volcano covered in ice. It has steam coming from its top. I had only camped 4km from the town centre and the lake.

SOUTHERN CHILE 6 2017-11-08 021

I had a quick look around the town. It was too early and nothing was open. I cycled on around the lake to Pucon. Full of flash holiday homes. It has been 13 years since I was last here and it has growen so much from a small sleapy town to huge tourist town. Camilo who I staied with in Traiguen kindly asked his mum if I could stay with here. Marisol had breakfest waitting for me when I arrived. She lives about 5km out of town and she told me here house is in the red zone. Which means it is in danger if there is an eruption.

SOUTHERN CHILE 6 2017-11-07 017


Marisol is very trusting. She has very kindly let me stay on. Even tho she has gone away. Today I had a easy day and went back in to town. This time making my way down to the lake. Wednesday was a big day with a visa run. I took a bus from Pucon toSan Martin Los Andes Argentina. It was a very senic ride. Snow on the mountians and another volcano to see and more lakes.

SOUTHERN CHILE 6 2017-11-08 040

It was such a noce day. The bus driver was surprised when I told him I was getting off after 80km at the border with Argentina. On my way into Argentina they asked me to go for a bit of a walk for an hour and half before coming back. I had a very nice wander around in the national park.

SOUTHERN CHILE 6 2017-11-08 064

Around 3pm I started walking back to Chile. The Chilian custums wern’t so happy to see me again so soon. They did let me in and I continued walking. I was very lucky becouse there was hardly any cars around. After about 30 mins of walking I managed to get a lift all the way back to Pucon. I got back to Pucon around 5pm and after packing a bag went straight to the bus station. Part of the reason for extending the visa was so I could go back to Valparaiso to visit my girl friend Helen. I brought a bus ticket and two hours later I was on the bus for a 14 hour ride back to Valpariso.



I had good ride back on the bus. I had two seats to myself and I slept well. I arrived a day earlyier then I had said. I was keen to go straight to Helens and give her a surprise. I got the surprise becouse no one was home. Least I thought. After knocking and knocking I went and hung out in plaza for hour, before returning and hoping someone was home. Turned out Helens mum had been up stairs cleaning and hadn’t herd the door. I had to wait a few hours for Helen to return. When she did. I certianly gave her a good surprise when I jumped out from behind the door.



I had two really good weeks in Valpo. It went way to fast. One of the days Helen, I and her dog Puncha walked all the way to Vina Del Mar and back. It was a great day for it. It took all day. With many stops along the way for coffee, Empanadars Mc Dondalds and Ice Cream. A group of Army hellicopters flew very close to the coast on what looked like a exercise.


SOUTHERN CHILE 7 2017-11-17 030

We got in a couple of good walks and the other thing we did most was getting into town for one of my favourite pass times of coffee and cake.

SOUTHERN CHILE 7 2017-11-19 021



The bus trip back to Pucon wasn’t that great. The bus was full. When I arrived back at Comilos mum

Marisol had breakfast waiting for me again as soon as I walked in the door. I spent the rest of the day getting everything ready again to start cycling. Friday afternoon we walked 2km down to the river. Watched a group of rafters come past. I was going to leave Sat. Comilo, Katy and her family are coming to Pucon. So I am going to hang out with them. We caught up with Camilo and Katy around lunch time. I went with them to lake and we tried out there new toy, a inflatable kayak while Marisol showed Katy’s parents around town.

SOUTHERN CHILE 8 2017-11-25 005

We all meet up again around 2;30pm and went back to Marisols for lunch. Camilos grand mother came over and after lunch we all went off to visit another town and lake about 20km away. Again we got the Kayak out. It was a pretty full on day .By the time we got home at 8pm I was pretty tired.


SOUTHERN CHILE 8 2017-11-25 016



START 9:00 FINISH 18:00 (26/11/17)


Can’t complain about the weather, another supper day. Started with a nice sunday moring ride along the lake back to Villarrica. You should always get a secound opion. Before I left Pucon I stopped and asked a taxi driver where was the scotia bank (only bank with free withdrawals in Chile) No Scotia Bank in Pucon, you have to go to Villirrica………..ok cool I’m going that way I replied. First person in villarrica I ask for directions to the scotia Bank………..You have to go to Pucon. Second person same deal. I was left seething. That’s a wasted $10 us on my next withdrawal. It was a climb out of Villirrica. Today it was 24 degrees. It was hard going. The road to Panguipulli was a good country road, up and down, very senic. At times I could see all of the 3 nearby snow capped Volcanoes. Villarrica, Quetrupillan and Choshuenco .

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The view got even better after climbing up above Lago Calafquen. Over the next few days I will pass some of Chiles famous 7 lakes. I enjoyed the ride down into Panguipulli. A tourist town on the shore of a lake with the same name. In the back ground to Panguiplli is the spectacular volcano Choshuenco. I was very fortunately to again have a place to stay. Katy & Camilo have a friend here Javi who has kindly offered to host me for a night.

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I’m heading to Purto Fuy today. Just happens Javi has a brother that lives there. She has already rang ahead to let him know I am coming. I had less to go today. It turned out to be just as hard, also just as spectacular with the scenery. Most of the day I was in view of the lake.

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The temperature is on the up. 27 degrees today. I drank a lot of water. By the end of the day I was feeling very dehydrated. Close to Purto Fuy was Huilo huilo a luxury eco reserve owned by a wealthy Chilean. Within the reserve are luxury hotels. Hostels, canpe zip lines, cycling tracks, a brewery, gardens. When I arrived in Purto Fuy, Javi said just ask anyone for her brother and sure enough it was that easy. Her brother took me down to the river where he is building his new house. It was a lovely camping spot for the night. I was able to have a small fire. It was good to be back in the tent and connecting with Nature again.


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Today I am taking the 1pm ferry across the lake to Perihueico. So after dropping my bike off at the terminal and with a few hours to kill. I hitch a ride back out of town to Hullo Hullo.

I joined the rich for a cup of coffee and a look around at the same time. The main hotel is very nice. Constructed primarily of wood. It blends in well with the surrounding forest.

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The ferry to cross the lake is brand new. It has been running less tan a week. The 1 ½ journey was only 950 paso per person and 4200 paso for the bike. It was a very nice ferry ride. When I got to the other side I rested on the beach under a tree for a while. Waiting for the sun to cool a little before putting up my tent. I took a little swim.

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The beach was busy with people waiting to take the return ferry. Once that left. There was no one around. Some way down the beach I spotted a nice place to camp in front of once was a old luxuary hotel. Now in ruins and a cool place to explore. There were cast iron bath tubs lying around everywhere.

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START 08:20 FINISH 18:00 (29/11/17)


The sun is now rising at 6am. I got up at 7am. Enjoyed my breakfast while taking in the view. Had a small accident this morning while I was washing out my pot, my camera fell out of my pocket and into the lake. It was completely semerged. I got it out in time and it is still working well. It was some minutes before I realised my phone had gone in as well. I got it out and at first it was working, shortly after it died . Going over the border today. It was a 11km ride on a dirt road up to The Chile side.

SOUTHERN ARGENTINA 1 2017-11-29 015

The border was very quite and it was quick and easy to pass. When I got to the Argentina side. It was just as easy. The next 30km was cycling through forest, a little up and down while following a lake. The shade from the trees was welcomed. It was 29 degrees today. Most of the day was cycling through the national park Lanin. Once I climb up to 1000 meters and crossed the Andes again. The landscape changed. Becoming dry and more baron. The dirt road down to San Martin was poor. Tonight I stayed with a Couch surfing host Luz and her parents and two brothers. Not for the first time I was spoil with there generosity and fantastic hospitality. One night has already been turned into two. Luz father Adrian has been helping with my days to Bariallche. With los of good tips.


This morning I took the bus into town and had a good walk around this very cute small little tourist town. It sits on the lake edge and is surrounded by mountains.

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